Saturday, December 29, 2012

Love and Loss.

Everyone (exaggerating a little) love love loves the holidays. It is a time for coming together and rejoicing in the everyday gifts we often take for granted. I love the family aspect of it all. My family is big a warm like that blanket you always wrap around yourself while sitting around the fire.Now if that's a snuggie you are reserved a spot in a special form of hell. But back to the point. The holidays can also be uber stressful. So many gifts to wrap, cookies to bake, cards to send, and so very little time. We decided to stay home this year to save money. But with what we do to lessen the stress more comes and takes it's place. My mother found out she has pre-cancerous cells in her breast. Brittany is preparing to leave as Eric's death date grows closer. And to ice the stressful cake my dad got the shit beat out of him. I was so strong about the negative things until my dad was put in the hospital Christmas Eve. It broke down the paper wall I had up. Finally making it through Christmas I and the rest of the house started calming down... except for my mom who is having hormone imbalance and has been forgetting to take her anti-depressant. But I'd say we all finally got what we needed last night. My brother proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes. I'm finally getting a sister and to be a bridesmaid. We got a little light shined in the dark hole we were stuck in. Just proof love really does defeat all. <3 p="p">


Thursday, October 4, 2012

How chocolate makes everything better!

Or Comment chocolat rend tout meilleur!
So I woke up expecting another drowsy day in the world of the unemployed.  My mom told me that we were going to the Social Security office. The night before we found out my benefits were ending at the end of the month. Being wheelchair bound due to a disease I really depend on my Medicaid. It helps with medication, therapy (this physical kind; I'm done with the mental kind), and of course doctors appointments. Without it... lets just not think about that. Now SSI is money the government gives out to people who need it.. people with disabilities or elderly or even the desperately poor. Well I went in, got my Medicaid back, then my SSI. Well I told them I had a certain rent (I do) and they give me LESS than that. No money to live on.

On the flip side:

I ate some delicious chocolate and cussed for a while figuring I would be PO'd about this for a while. When I got home I had a message. Flashback:
I signed up for a childrens with disabilities Wish foundation in June and just had to send in my three wish options. The first was to go to France. Paris of course and then some places in the country where my family is from. But that was probably not going to happen due to CRAP economy in the great USA. The second was to meet Katy Perry. What can I say? I like her music! Then the last was to go to New York. I've been wanting to go for years.
So I get a call from such and such organization and the lady says she has some great news. Then the best words came out of her mouth. "Kristin's wish to go to France got approved!"

Well I have to go to bed but expect to be updated. :-)


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fate of the Fake

Over the weekend I had a friend stay over because her parents were going out of town. Let me tell you she is one of my best friends and she always has a place to stay with me... well... maybe not now. So my parents were a-ok with it because we don't need to take care of her... She is completely independant. She doesn't have a car so she needed rides. That was a little annoying cause she never gave us a time that she'd be home. So we go "Alright, that's fine!"... next thing you know we are signed up to take care of her dogs.
      We agree because all we have to do is bring her over to take care of them 3 times a day. So she is all cool... then one day she's out all day and when she wants to come home at midnight and expects a ride. Now to know how ridiculous this is you must know a few things: a.) She said she'd be back in the evening. b.) My step-dad (her chauffer) goes to sleep at 7 p.m. c.) He's horrible at relaying messages. d.) She left at 9 a.m. So back to story... So I keep leaving messages trying to find out what the hell is going on at about 8. I'm not feeling well and am as confused as HELL! 
       I finally hear back from her at 11. She's pissed. She sent a message to my phone earlier that day saying that if anybody is bored go hang out with her dogs. Her words exactly. Me and my mom (who never got a message) were out all day and I never brought my phone. Finally step-dad picks her up and they go get her dogs who have been inside (one in a kennel) all day... for 15 hours. She chastises step-dad in car.

Act II
The next day she ignores me. I'm extremely upset. My mom's mama bear instinct kicks in. According to my friend my mom said something to her while she was lying down for a nap. I don't believe it. She trash talks my mom an AWFUL lot for a "good" friend. I take a nap because I'm not feeling well (like I said before). When I get up I go to the living room and parents are gone [they had plans]. She (friend) is just sitting there playing with her phone. So we talk. I blame myself. I figured if I would've brought my phone we could've let the dogs out. I finally realize I have NOTHING to do with this. She blames 4 people for this incident. Me, my step-dad, my mom, and my sister (who was also giving her rides). She says the first 3 were in the room when she told stepdad he needed to check on the dogs that day. Truth is me and my mom were both in other rooms sleeping when that conversation took place. We were NOT AT ALL to blame. She had texted my sister telling her what she needed. My sis and step-dad took FULL responsibility. But me and my mom were never to blame. Now she puts ALL the blame on us. Fair? No, we did nothing wrong. So she got a ride from sis and surprise, surprise... She made it so sister wouldn't be upset. She wants her on her good side. She even lied and made it seem we were trash talking my sister (not technically my real sister, btw). 
       Now what did we learn from this rant? Good communication and being truthful are uber important. In fact it can ruin a friendship. It's ruin plenty of mine. The people who forgot to let her dogs out were sorry and helped clean up the mess. She came up with an excuse to be mad at my mom. I never let anyone mess with  and I'm done having a friend who is disrespecting my mom the way she is. We've treated her like gold for years and now I don't want to see her face.

And to the person this story is about stop blaming innocent people for stupid shit, hun.


Monday, August 27, 2012


People and the internet. The internet is a crazy ass place to be. You can be literally whoever you want. That can be really bad. You can be drawn out to be a bitch, you can get fired from your job for complaining about it or having pictures that have a bad "image" for your company, or even meeting that hot girl you've been chatting it up with on Facebook who actually turns out to be a forty-something year old man with a large beer belly and more hair on his butt crack than on his head. It can also be really good. You can meet friends, find your soul mate, be superman, learn new things, e.t.c... A total creep was freaking out on a Yahoo article because she was mad that the article was saying Kim Kardashian had a hickey. She said it was psoriasis. (It wasn't). How I know that is a not very interesting story. So someone who was a medical professional told her it was a hickey. She got pissed and turned into a total bitch. I didn't know this and saw it was the first comment that popped up and she became more pissed because it was from April. She also got mad cause she thought I called her a ho (it was supposed to say who) which if I did call her a hoe I would spell it right. Then she told me I was stupid for being 18 (which says a lot because I'm smarter than her). And she topped it off with telling me to jump off a bridge. Where do people get off saying this kind of shit? I don't understand! I've said things I regret on the internet but I mainly defend people because idiots bully them. I think everyone does this. You say things that are hurtful and you just want to take them back. Suck up the words that flowed from your brain to the page. The good thing is the internet has your back. Just remake your profile right? WRONG! The best thing to do is apologize, defend yourself, or end the conversation. Just don't be rude about it. I replied to this girls horrible message and although what I said wasn't anything close to as hurtful as her words (just correcting my ho thing, although I did say she was not as smart as me which wasn't being the bigger person) I felt bad about it. So I blocked her. Hopefully she won't read the message and that'll be the end of it. But it is okay to block it. It is better than giving them a dose of their own bitter medicine and you don't have to face the problem anymore or make an ass of yourself. But you should apologize first. Even if it wasn't your fault it cools down the situation. But lets face it... Most people don't care about apologies. I have a friend who is dealing or has dealt with this before... actually I have a lot. And I even have gotten hurt off words on the internet. A guy told me I wasn't a good person for thinking I was. I've gotten my friends to break my heart by saying things... And I've done the same to them. But I'm planning on never being RUDE on the internet again... Sassy, sarcastic, and corrective/protective. Yes. But there is no reason to tell someone to jump off a bridge. So follow my lead and Follow way up there:         

And to the right:



Sunday, June 24, 2012

Catching Up

So it has been a while since I posted and I have a lot to catch up on. I graduated the 2nd:

After that I went to my last year at camp which included me doing everything being the only girl with a legit (want it to last after camp) crush which one of the counselors threatened to punch after I cried over a large "misunderstanding" with him. He wouldn't stop infiltrating my thoughts and continues to this day. If only he knew... I decided that I'd write a separate blog for my more personal thoughts... I hid it in one of my other posts if you really want to read my deepest darkest secrets... Anyway, I canoed, rode a horse, took out some anger in legit archery, and danced the night away. The day after camp reality set in though. My brother pestered me about being depressed. Told me I took too much medication when I was just sulking that my camp days were over. Camp is an experience like no other. You make friends, love interest, and memories that last you FOREVER. Plus no one judges you for the wheels. It's refreshing. Now it's over. But all great things come to an end. Two days I got in a car accident. Some asshole almost hit our car and my stopped suddenly. My chair slid forward and crushed my foot, thus breaking it. My foots a lot better now. I haven't left the house in a week but I'm really tired. When I did leave I went and asked out a guy I had JUST met in order to see if I could do it. Accomplishment good. I ended up getting a no but I did it anyway. My fear of rejection is getting less scary.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today's Lessons: 1. Life is Good 2. Boys are Idiots

Hello. Long time no post ;-)
Anyway lets get to the point.

1. Life is Good
After a long train ride of bad things (Eric's death, health problems, finishing school, PITA boys, teenage hormones, chronic pain, crazy cats, e.t.c.) I've finally hit a good stop. I like to think of it as the green Ireland in a world full of city. I of course hate to say that because things go downhill when I say that. BUT yesterday I got a picture frame for my diploma, a frame for my senior picture, and my graduation gift which is a beautiful Olympus camera. I felt amazing. This next week is full of company, rehearsals, packing for camp, and finally graduating. I'm happy and it feels good.

2. Boys are idiots
Most girls don't need my help to discover this. I sent my crush who recently said he just wanted to be friends  and lives across the great state of Texas from me. I started not talking to him but I miss him so I sent him this extremely heartfelt message which I'm dumbly posting here:

Being a girl genuinely sucks because I have all these annoying emotions pestering me about... you. Honestly, I've never felt the way about someone like I do you and I kept telling myself that I could be friends even if you didn't like me but now I feel like I'm working at a chocolate shop and I can't have chocolate. What sucks is I really miss talking to you and if I hadn't taken N's stupid advice and asked you then everything would be fine. But she told me you probably didn't like me and that your little brother kept trying to set you two up. And then there's the matter of trying to make myself feel better so I went through the "maybe he's gay", "maybe he has a girlfriend", or maybe he just said that because of the distance. I just hoped it was the last one. The point is... I miss talking to you like crazy but I haven't been trying too because frankly, it hurts. So I'm not not talking to you cause I hate your guts or anything. ~Kristin

His reply?
Haha I'm not gay.
He's a certified idiot. But I still am head over heels. This sucks.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Joy & Sorrow

When I was a little girl I was the most cheerful little girl in the world. Rain and shine I would have a brilliant smile plastered across my place. I was a daddy's girl, which made certain things difficult. Like when I was 18 months old I was diagnosed and my dad gave up on God. I always thought about that through the rough patches in my life. Also my dad worked a lot. He still does. Sometimes I wonder if he realizes what it puts me through. When I was little it was no father figure around much. I missed him. Now I find it hard to call him. He always seems busy. I even wonder if cares more about work than about me. When my parents split my dad lived in an apartment. I was 4. I looked forward to his visits on the weekends. Then my mom met and fell in love with my stepdad. I never disliked him and when they were getting married I was excited to be part of the wedding. I was in tears during the wedding photos but not because I disagreed with the ceremony because I was upset I couldn't TAKE the photos. I was a goofy little girl. The only reason I didn't like my mom getting married was because I didn't want her changing her last name. Like I said.... goofy. There was a time when I lived across the country from my dad. I saw him once a year when HE visited me. Now I live one state away. We only see each other one more time a year and we are so much (geographically) closer. Now the blame lay on both of us. He doesn't call me that often and I don't call him. But I love him so much I'm so happy when I do get to see and talk to him. Now this doesn't have to do with the title directly. The Joy comes from what someone said to me yesterday. The Sorrow is from the death of Avery. The little girl from my last post. She passed away the 30th of April and will be dearly missed. She also seemed to be quite the daddy's girl. Her dad wrote her blog and both of her parents had such hope in her. It was and is quite amazing and inspirational.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Live avery day to the fullest...

So this little girl, Avery Canahuati, is absolutely precious and I would have no idea who she was if it wasn't for the amazing Yahoo article: This gorgeous little girl was diagnosed with SMA Type 1. It is the fastest onset and the most horrific of outcomes. This story hit me like Katniss Everdeen's arrow straight through my heart. It said she wouldn't live to be two years old. Something I could not believe because I had heard this story before... My own story. Now don't go thinking I'm writing from the grave or anything because my story takes a turn for the weird if not better. I lived to be two, so the ridiculous doctor re-predicted my death instead of admitting they were wrong. The said I wouldn't live to be 10. Seven years later I am SO incredibly blessed by my super slow progression. Now I read about this adorable little blessing going through the same thing and I pray that her fate turns out like mine. I don't know know how scientifically possible this is but I would give a lot to see this baby strive. No one should have to go through what she and her parents have gone through. They started her bucket list... something in which I love and think is an amazing thing. Many young people have crossed off things from their lists that people couldn't do in a lifetime. Here are some  examples...

-15 Year Old Boy gets "deflowered before dying":

-16 Year Old Girl gets "married":

-18 Year Old goes on date with Taylor Swift:

-8 Similar "Last Wish" Stories:

- Yours Truly on a Zipline (though I'm not going anywhere don't worry):
[You might not be able to see it :-/]

And Finally Avery's Bucket List Blog:

Also I'd like to state if you want to make a bucket list of your own or just a list of things you'd like to do (like I have!) Check out:

And my 43 Things if you'd like to uhh check up;-)

Enjoy! And let me know what your bucket list contains... plus spread the word for SMA!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dream Prom: The Story of Prom Night(mare)

Yesterday was my senior Prom. I'm very glad I went. I'm extremely glad it is over. Now don't get me wrong... I had a good time and some awesome memories, just not in the way I expected. First of all must I say my stomach was doing flips yesterday. I was excited and nervous and snappy all at once. Everything had to be right. My dress was gorgeous but waiting till a week beforehand to try it on was a total idiot move. I of course had to have it tailored. The bust was too big but the waste was too small. It wouldn't even zip all the way. And then the cost of tailoring was another $50 on top of an $100 dress, $40 shoes (pretty cheap for shoes though), and a wopping $75 ticket. Luckily there was a buffet eliminating my need for a nice restaurant. After getting my dress back from the tailors the bust still popped out causing the need for safety pins (tacky, I know) and they had to accidentally come undone poking me in the side boob. Can you say "ouch"? When all was said and done my stepdad kept bugging me to hurry up... Like really? It's my FREAKING prom! When the glamorization was over I took a few picks with my brother. And his wackiness. And his girlfriend. But I did feel like a princess, making mission "Look AHH-mazing" complete. Then after a bumpy ride I showed up getting my parents to drop me off far enough away so it wasn't awkward. The trek to the check-in table was a pain but the decorations were so pretty I didn't mind. It was Madhatter themed with mushrooms and hats abound. There was even a greeter at the door wearing a wacky wig inviting me into his tea party. Strange, but in a fun and whimsical way. Once in, all the surrounding rooms had activities, including a room where they took your picture and made flip books, a cupcake and cookie decorating station, a table full of bowls of candy, the ballroom, and a basic picture station in which everyone got their picture taken for a free book they are passing out next week. When I got there none of my friends had arrived and I was clueless. I instantly took notice to three circular tables which were filled with a variety of food. One had chocolate fondue and strawberries, pineapple, bread, and pretzels. There were two types of fondue, milk and white. One table had a variety of non-dessert type foods, including chicken avocado rolls, chicken fajitas, and small rolls with pesto and tomatoes on them. I was a little over-whelmed in the food department. When my friends arrived they chose a table that was extremely inconvenient to me but what do they care... they left to party as soon as they arrived. Me feeling like the dance-floor was over crowded and unwillingness to make a fool out of myself led to me never even getting on the dance floor. Then I realized the table I was at was directly next to the table H(could stand for his name, could stand for hater) was at made it increasingly uncomfortable. H had been the object of my affection in years past but a mixture of things we both said pretty much made it unbearable to even look at him. I apologized for being a bitch, unlike him. But I caught him staring at me 3 times... weirdo. Anyway as the night passed finally A(could stand for her name or could stand for amazing) helped me out by sitting at my almost empty table. We decided to get a flipbook but people kept cutting me off in line ultimately leading to my mental breakdown due to my GA(Generalized Anxiety). A single tear fell but I sucked it up and tried to enjoy the rest of the dance. I got my picture taken in the other photo section, but before I could leave AD (A's Date or Awesome Dude?) wanted to take a picture with me even though I didn't really know him that well. He introduced himself (even though I knew quite well who he was) and asked if I was okay. His random act of kindness cheered me up. I actually relaxed the rest of the night. Coronation was PERFECTLY chosen. And I went home. That was my night, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I don't think I've slept that well without medication in a very long time. But I learned something I will pass on too you. 1. Some people should go with friends and some with a date. I should've gone with a date. Someone to force me on the dancefloor and pay attention to me. If your more social go with friends. And 2. Don't wait till last minute to try on your dress or make plans. Now you have my advice run with it... I know I'm running... far away from another prom....

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Venn Diagram

You know those graphs where there are circles and they merge together in the middle? Venn Diagrams. Well people are like those circles. Walking around with information in a round shape. When they merge with another circle they make friends and the middle of the Venn Diagram is everything they have in common. But almost everyone is clueless of who should really be in their Diagram. For example: My amazing friend Natalie is someone I never thought I had anything in common with. She just went to the same camp as me. But when we changed camps and she was the only person I knew in the cabin, things changed. We were both going to be seniors, we were both born in July, we both were extremely awkward about boys, neither of us had kissed anyone, we had the same disease, we were both learning French, e.t.c. But we both also had things that weren't in the middle. I was sarcastic, didn't talk much, and had twin brothers who I lived with my whole life. She had dated a few guys, was a year older, adopted from Russia, and had a really strict mom. But my first impression of Natalie wasn't that pleasant. At first it was a girl who was my age so, "maybe we can be friends"? Then "what a snob and a drama queen." Now it is "I love this chicka." Same thing applies with Mr. Crush (my new name for my crush slightly stolen from Sex and the City's "Mr. Big" not that they're anything alike). Subsequently I told him to read my blog due to my posts on stereotyping. I'm an idiot. But my first thought on him is "Wow he is hot." But my attention was scattered that day. Then it was "Poor guy" from N's ridiculous flirting. Then I forgot about him. A month and a half later she gave him my number and vice versa. We've been talking since. Now the middle area consists of both having touble finding people to date, I love baseball and he manages his schools baseball team, and best of all we enjoy each other's convos. On the outside I'm a girly girl and a very direct person. I'll tell you what I think about you. He is super shy. He also loves football which I find a waste of three hours. So there are some major differences. But the point is the world of relationships is just a world of Venn Diagrams. Simple. End of equation.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blank Page

I found out that (pretty much) my sister was at the hospital. Not because she was injured, she probably would have been sitting in her apartment. Cue the boyfriend, he walks in, they kiss, he sets his helmet down then plops next to her on the couch. But that didn't happen. He never walked in that door. Meanwhile, he is driving home on his motorcycle when a car unexpectedly turns in front of him slinging him off the motorcycle and into unconsciousness. He never woke up. I've known people to die, my Uncle Barry scarred me the most. He (the boyfriend) was part of my routine. I would listen to her talk about him. She loved him an extraordinary amount. I always made fun of him and would start arguments. I'd take it all back if I could. I was just over a week ago playing video games with them. And now he's gone. I guess I still don't believe it. But its this numb and sad feeling... my blank page of emotions.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Curioser and curioser...

A week ago from this moment I was dreading the fact that I had just talked to the guy I like on the phone for the first time and he kind of sounded like well in the words of Red Forman: a dumbass. A week of being sick, staying at home, and sitting on that lovely fact. Now the truth has come out and I'm feeling better. I told him flat up through text that I like him and he actually seems to like me which is like feeling like a million bucks when you've lived a life of rejection. But then there is the:


Katy is probably mad at me cause I threw a temper tantrum at her. Not for one specific reason but for being home schooled and stuck at home for a week straight and sick and harassed for the WORLD's dumbest thing by my home-school teacher and then find out she is grounded and had to cancel our plan's to hang out (my first time seeing someone from the outside world who could tell me what color the sky is and things like that) without telling me she was grounded. I had to ask HER if the plans were still on. All that pent up anger led to a topic I didn't even talk to my psychiatrist about cause I was so fumed out about the stupid boy drama. But she's getting me into some teen groups so I can socialize with some actual kids my age face to face. I forgot what that was like.

But altogether I've been pretty good I've been watching my shows with my new time (which I have a million of thanks to Sci-Fy, ABC, FOX, and especially ABC family) and catching up on my simming. What can I say I love playing God.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"What are you doing next year?" Nothing. Wanna hang out?

Hey my name is Tate, I'm dead, wanna hang out?

1st off my name is not Tate and I am not dead... it's just my favorite show in the whole frickin world!!! But anyway...

So my fickle future has a new paved fork in the road. Now I must decide if I want to tackle it. Honestly yes I do.

Why do we go to college? To get a good job. But why after High School just finished? To get it over with. But why do I have to go to college next year? I don't. I know, right!?! Didn't see that one coming.

Why am I going to go to school (which I already went through 14 years of, counting Pre-K, already) right away? Why don't I save my money? Prevent myself from spending money I don't have to get an education I frankly don't want or need. At least not yet. I want to establish myself as an adult (which will be more complicated being in a wheelchair) and enjoy not having school to worry about. Plus make money to go to a school I want to go to and KNOW not just think but truly KNOW I can make it on my own before I struggle with classes. I don't even have enough credits to make it on the recommended program (which I really wasn't willing to share) so I'm going to not follow the crowd... I know "all the popular kids are doing it" but when have I ever been one to swim with my school of fish?

So congratulations to the people who made it into the schools they wanted to go to like for example; Kelly Kantz, Katy Dirienzo, and Lisa Callahan. You guys did awesome to make it. And you REALLY deserve it. ;-D

Me. I'm gonna chill for a while. Get a job. Take a break. And live out my stupid little dream of being an extra on a TV show or movies. And maybe try that Glee project thing. If I don't make it I wasn't supposed to but for now I'm gonna go with the flow like Crush and Squirt from Finding Nemo. That's what life's about, ain't it?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The new, the old, and the other.

11:16 PM 12/31/11

This year has been long. It stresses me and weakens me then sews me together.
In the past year I have:
- Had three caregivers quit. Only two actually did.
- Met Draco the most troublesome nephew I'll ever have.
- Witnessed the birth of 7 miraculous puppies by their miraculous mama.
- Kept my relationship, kiss, and virginity status [the last one isn't so bad.]
- Had the one year anniversary of my uncle's death and a massive betrayal.
- Lost my first dog.
- Been crushed and bitterly retaliated.
- Found someone way more worth my time.
- Went to PACE and then back to PHS.
- Cried.
- Dyed my hair multiple times.
- Swam by myself.
- Asked my camp-crush to dance even though he's kinda a douche.
- Fought with my mom a lot.
- Learned to speak bad words.
- Had my first slightly dirty dream (blush)
- Been in the hospital 3 times.
- Turned 17.
- Lived with Brittany for 6 months.
- Treated Brittany as a sister.
- Fought with Katy.
- Realized my dad is a work-a-holic.
- Went to my first wedding, the french quarter, and my family plot in the cemetery for the first time in 10 years.
- Had one of my best friends move away.
- Procrastinated. A lot.
- Had my kitty be bullied.
- Saw a dog with a mohawk.
- Found 4 new shows I love... Switched at Birth, Awkward, Teen Wolf, and American Horror Story.
- Had my first job.
- Lost my first job.
- Held a baby rat.
- Realized Dani doesn't hate me.
- Cried some more.
- Hurt myself.
- Got my first Betsey Johnson item(s).
- Hurt the people I love the most.
- Realized I love everyone who entered my life for making me who I am.

Things for 2012:
-Be nice. No exceptions.
-Cut back on my language.
-Graduate High School.
-Get into TAMUCC.
-Be an extra.
-Go to New York.
-Graduate camp.
-Love the following people unconditionally: Katy Ide, Stephanie Darbe, Brittany Bonsack, Michele Wells, Megan Maldonado, Rose Sheppard, Merritt Lange, Maggie Shaghnessy, Natalie LaFlare, Steve Garrott, Michele Daste Walters-Garrott, Rob Walters, Ryan Walters, Mike Walters, All other relatives.
-Care about myself.
-Pass Pre-Cal and Science... and English. Oh! and Government. And Art... That's it.
-Be more independent.
-Do what I want in a nice way.

Peace Out and Happy New Year! Here is to Bitch-free Kristin ;-)

12:01 AM 1/1/12