Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time may change me, but I can't change time

I know I am not the only one to say this but I hate change. The sad part is we all change and we don't even know it. I remember I used to love JKLProductions on youtube, original home of the infamous Fred. Now I think back and they are actually pretty stupid videos. I have moved on to stars like Shane Dawson. Or like how I used to get mad at my friends because they were boycrazy... I look back now and realize I was just jealous. I'm not now. But as with change comes mistake. And every mistake you make you learn a little more. You may regret the mistakes you make but altogether they make you a better person. On the other hand if you don't accept change it can turn on you. You can change without realizing it. Then not accept it. Then lose a friend who really cared about you. Change can range from the big, like moving from the Western United States to the South. Or change can be small, like trying something new. Just take it as it comes. And most of all accept it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hmm... Where to begin. Well I have been sick the past few days. It honestly sucks. Out of nowhere I got inspired to write a blog about well... you see the title. It is someone's youtube name. I couldn't agree with it more. It is true. I mean in the end no one dies a virgin, cause we all get screwed. Haha a little morbid humor there. But that isn't the topic of this Blog. The topic is fitting in... or should I say standing out. Is it just me or are there so many people out there trying to stand out there is no such thing anymore. I mean people want to be different but by birth we are ALL different. Unless your like that cloned dog. But back to the point... Why stand out if there isn't such a thing. For instance people are coming up with ridiculous ways to stand out. Like being pale? Or putting African rings (*cough* gauges *cough*) in your ears? Whats next? Those freakish rings that make your neck into a piece of rubber? I have a feeling someone reading this will go try it. I know everyone doesn't like something about themselves, but you should change something to make yourself comfortable. Not to fit in... or out. Be yourself. That is what I am. I might have suckishly low self-confidence but I don't change things to make friends and I don't change things to be different. Everyone should just stop trying so hard to be different/clone-like and be themselves. In the end we all end up 6 feet under. Why not enjoy it while it lasts.