Monday, August 27, 2012


People and the internet. The internet is a crazy ass place to be. You can be literally whoever you want. That can be really bad. You can be drawn out to be a bitch, you can get fired from your job for complaining about it or having pictures that have a bad "image" for your company, or even meeting that hot girl you've been chatting it up with on Facebook who actually turns out to be a forty-something year old man with a large beer belly and more hair on his butt crack than on his head. It can also be really good. You can meet friends, find your soul mate, be superman, learn new things, e.t.c... A total creep was freaking out on a Yahoo article because she was mad that the article was saying Kim Kardashian had a hickey. She said it was psoriasis. (It wasn't). How I know that is a not very interesting story. So someone who was a medical professional told her it was a hickey. She got pissed and turned into a total bitch. I didn't know this and saw it was the first comment that popped up and she became more pissed because it was from April. She also got mad cause she thought I called her a ho (it was supposed to say who) which if I did call her a hoe I would spell it right. Then she told me I was stupid for being 18 (which says a lot because I'm smarter than her). And she topped it off with telling me to jump off a bridge. Where do people get off saying this kind of shit? I don't understand! I've said things I regret on the internet but I mainly defend people because idiots bully them. I think everyone does this. You say things that are hurtful and you just want to take them back. Suck up the words that flowed from your brain to the page. The good thing is the internet has your back. Just remake your profile right? WRONG! The best thing to do is apologize, defend yourself, or end the conversation. Just don't be rude about it. I replied to this girls horrible message and although what I said wasn't anything close to as hurtful as her words (just correcting my ho thing, although I did say she was not as smart as me which wasn't being the bigger person) I felt bad about it. So I blocked her. Hopefully she won't read the message and that'll be the end of it. But it is okay to block it. It is better than giving them a dose of their own bitter medicine and you don't have to face the problem anymore or make an ass of yourself. But you should apologize first. Even if it wasn't your fault it cools down the situation. But lets face it... Most people don't care about apologies. I have a friend who is dealing or has dealt with this before... actually I have a lot. And I even have gotten hurt off words on the internet. A guy told me I wasn't a good person for thinking I was. I've gotten my friends to break my heart by saying things... And I've done the same to them. But I'm planning on never being RUDE on the internet again... Sassy, sarcastic, and corrective/protective. Yes. But there is no reason to tell someone to jump off a bridge. So follow my lead and Follow way up there:         

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