Thursday, October 4, 2012

How chocolate makes everything better!

Or Comment chocolat rend tout meilleur!
So I woke up expecting another drowsy day in the world of the unemployed.  My mom told me that we were going to the Social Security office. The night before we found out my benefits were ending at the end of the month. Being wheelchair bound due to a disease I really depend on my Medicaid. It helps with medication, therapy (this physical kind; I'm done with the mental kind), and of course doctors appointments. Without it... lets just not think about that. Now SSI is money the government gives out to people who need it.. people with disabilities or elderly or even the desperately poor. Well I went in, got my Medicaid back, then my SSI. Well I told them I had a certain rent (I do) and they give me LESS than that. No money to live on.

On the flip side:

I ate some delicious chocolate and cussed for a while figuring I would be PO'd about this for a while. When I got home I had a message. Flashback:
I signed up for a childrens with disabilities Wish foundation in June and just had to send in my three wish options. The first was to go to France. Paris of course and then some places in the country where my family is from. But that was probably not going to happen due to CRAP economy in the great USA. The second was to meet Katy Perry. What can I say? I like her music! Then the last was to go to New York. I've been wanting to go for years.
So I get a call from such and such organization and the lady says she has some great news. Then the best words came out of her mouth. "Kristin's wish to go to France got approved!"

Well I have to go to bed but expect to be updated. :-)


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fate of the Fake

Over the weekend I had a friend stay over because her parents were going out of town. Let me tell you she is one of my best friends and she always has a place to stay with me... well... maybe not now. So my parents were a-ok with it because we don't need to take care of her... She is completely independant. She doesn't have a car so she needed rides. That was a little annoying cause she never gave us a time that she'd be home. So we go "Alright, that's fine!"... next thing you know we are signed up to take care of her dogs.
      We agree because all we have to do is bring her over to take care of them 3 times a day. So she is all cool... then one day she's out all day and when she wants to come home at midnight and expects a ride. Now to know how ridiculous this is you must know a few things: a.) She said she'd be back in the evening. b.) My step-dad (her chauffer) goes to sleep at 7 p.m. c.) He's horrible at relaying messages. d.) She left at 9 a.m. So back to story... So I keep leaving messages trying to find out what the hell is going on at about 8. I'm not feeling well and am as confused as HELL! 
       I finally hear back from her at 11. She's pissed. She sent a message to my phone earlier that day saying that if anybody is bored go hang out with her dogs. Her words exactly. Me and my mom (who never got a message) were out all day and I never brought my phone. Finally step-dad picks her up and they go get her dogs who have been inside (one in a kennel) all day... for 15 hours. She chastises step-dad in car.

Act II
The next day she ignores me. I'm extremely upset. My mom's mama bear instinct kicks in. According to my friend my mom said something to her while she was lying down for a nap. I don't believe it. She trash talks my mom an AWFUL lot for a "good" friend. I take a nap because I'm not feeling well (like I said before). When I get up I go to the living room and parents are gone [they had plans]. She (friend) is just sitting there playing with her phone. So we talk. I blame myself. I figured if I would've brought my phone we could've let the dogs out. I finally realize I have NOTHING to do with this. She blames 4 people for this incident. Me, my step-dad, my mom, and my sister (who was also giving her rides). She says the first 3 were in the room when she told stepdad he needed to check on the dogs that day. Truth is me and my mom were both in other rooms sleeping when that conversation took place. We were NOT AT ALL to blame. She had texted my sister telling her what she needed. My sis and step-dad took FULL responsibility. But me and my mom were never to blame. Now she puts ALL the blame on us. Fair? No, we did nothing wrong. So she got a ride from sis and surprise, surprise... She made it so sister wouldn't be upset. She wants her on her good side. She even lied and made it seem we were trash talking my sister (not technically my real sister, btw). 
       Now what did we learn from this rant? Good communication and being truthful are uber important. In fact it can ruin a friendship. It's ruin plenty of mine. The people who forgot to let her dogs out were sorry and helped clean up the mess. She came up with an excuse to be mad at my mom. I never let anyone mess with  and I'm done having a friend who is disrespecting my mom the way she is. We've treated her like gold for years and now I don't want to see her face.

And to the person this story is about stop blaming innocent people for stupid shit, hun.