Thursday, October 4, 2012

How chocolate makes everything better!

Or Comment chocolat rend tout meilleur!
So I woke up expecting another drowsy day in the world of the unemployed.  My mom told me that we were going to the Social Security office. The night before we found out my benefits were ending at the end of the month. Being wheelchair bound due to a disease I really depend on my Medicaid. It helps with medication, therapy (this physical kind; I'm done with the mental kind), and of course doctors appointments. Without it... lets just not think about that. Now SSI is money the government gives out to people who need it.. people with disabilities or elderly or even the desperately poor. Well I went in, got my Medicaid back, then my SSI. Well I told them I had a certain rent (I do) and they give me LESS than that. No money to live on.

On the flip side:

I ate some delicious chocolate and cussed for a while figuring I would be PO'd about this for a while. When I got home I had a message. Flashback:
I signed up for a childrens with disabilities Wish foundation in June and just had to send in my three wish options. The first was to go to France. Paris of course and then some places in the country where my family is from. But that was probably not going to happen due to CRAP economy in the great USA. The second was to meet Katy Perry. What can I say? I like her music! Then the last was to go to New York. I've been wanting to go for years.
So I get a call from such and such organization and the lady says she has some great news. Then the best words came out of her mouth. "Kristin's wish to go to France got approved!"

Well I have to go to bed but expect to be updated. :-)


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