Saturday, December 29, 2012

Love and Loss.

Everyone (exaggerating a little) love love loves the holidays. It is a time for coming together and rejoicing in the everyday gifts we often take for granted. I love the family aspect of it all. My family is big a warm like that blanket you always wrap around yourself while sitting around the fire.Now if that's a snuggie you are reserved a spot in a special form of hell. But back to the point. The holidays can also be uber stressful. So many gifts to wrap, cookies to bake, cards to send, and so very little time. We decided to stay home this year to save money. But with what we do to lessen the stress more comes and takes it's place. My mother found out she has pre-cancerous cells in her breast. Brittany is preparing to leave as Eric's death date grows closer. And to ice the stressful cake my dad got the shit beat out of him. I was so strong about the negative things until my dad was put in the hospital Christmas Eve. It broke down the paper wall I had up. Finally making it through Christmas I and the rest of the house started calming down... except for my mom who is having hormone imbalance and has been forgetting to take her anti-depressant. But I'd say we all finally got what we needed last night. My brother proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes. I'm finally getting a sister and to be a bridesmaid. We got a little light shined in the dark hole we were stuck in. Just proof love really does defeat all. <3 p="p">


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