Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tumbl-ing into my life

As I start/continue the beginning of the end of high school, I try to catch up from a two week long stomach bug, soothing my 2 week long period, and dealing with the horrible bi-polar Texas weather. While looking up a quote I'm still clueless to the meaning of, I stumbled upon the Tumblr account of someone with pictures practically telling the story of my sad existence. I've decided to share the best with you. (Whoever you are.)

It really stinks how true this is. I worry. And worry. And then I worry some more. And for what? Stress, acne, and hysterical fits.

If they actually had these I would get the world's biggest most non-lethal dosage possible. I wonder if it makes you grow boobs too?

Sometimes I REALLY think this is true to me. Sadly :-/

And the truth is EXACTLY this. I'll create art and read all day. But I really want someone to look me in the eyes and kiss me on lips and love me.

I'm sick of my tiny lil' Texas town but on the bright side I found a college that I think will really suit me :-) (And it is a LOT closer to my price range.)

Everyone's two favorite families... morphed into one. Nothing to do with me just amazing.

Pongo and Perdita... the world's cutest couple. What I want in my future.

Well I'm getting sleepy but you should check out this video: