Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why Books Make Life Suck

For all those girls out there who have never had a boyfriend, this puts the idea of fairytale love in their heads. I would give anything to have a boyfriend. A sweet, cute, nice, funny guy. But I don't. Why is that? because miracles don't happen in that way. I would do anything (Using the terms anything loosely) to know what it is like to kiss someone, to be in love, to be swept off your feet. But its not the girls who try hard at life who get the guys it is the girls who stick out their chests and raise up their skirts. I know I am young and I have lots of time to be in love but seeing everybody else in love puts me in the dumps. I know my time will come I just want to know when.

Who wouldn't want to travel across Europe? Or swing from vines in Brazil? Or figure out a murder? The reality is most people don't have the time or the money for this. For people who are gullible like me... I urge for adventure, but I know my disabilities hold me back.

Happy Endings.
I once heard a quote, "No one dies a virgin cause we are all screwed in the end." That my friends is an extremely true statement.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Okay... Quite frankly I know we all suffer from this problem, whether it is actually books or people. My favorite book series, I am ashamed to say I judged by its cover... but guess what I got out of it? A lot of cool things. When it comes to people though you never quite know what you are going to get. I know people who will look at someone and say, "eww, they're ugly!" Did you ever think they were having a bad hair day? And just because they are not always pretty doesn't mean they aren't totally awesome. Last year I was in choir and one of the more experienced choir girls came in. She wore all black, had her hair in a ponytail, and kinda scared me. But everything I thought I knew about her changed when she opened her mouth to sing from one of the prettiest voices I ever heard. You don't call a girl a tramp because she wears a short skirt. You don't choose the cutest boy in class as your partner just because you "think" he looks smart (but it doesn't stop most people from doing it anyway, lol). You wouldn't call me mentally ill just because I am not physically able. But you do anyway. Yesterday a popular boy came up to me in one of my classes and started talking to me like I was stupid. I wanted to throw something at him. By the end of this year I will probably have more college credit than he will gain in his entire life. But I have friends who do this and it really makes me mad. You never fully know someones story, and you won't.... not until you get to know them. The next time you see someone mentally or physically disabled smile at them. Don't go baby talk them, and if you do talk to them treat them like everyone else. In the end we all have one goal... to live life to the best of your ability. How can people do that when you are calling them creepy, or treating them like a 5 year old when they are 15 and a whole hell of a lot mature then you are, or even just not talking to them because they are "different." You could be missing out on a friend who is truly remarkable.