Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Curioser and curioser...

A week ago from this moment I was dreading the fact that I had just talked to the guy I like on the phone for the first time and he kind of sounded like well in the words of Red Forman: a dumbass. A week of being sick, staying at home, and sitting on that lovely fact. Now the truth has come out and I'm feeling better. I told him flat up through text that I like him and he actually seems to like me which is like feeling like a million bucks when you've lived a life of rejection. But then there is the:


Katy is probably mad at me cause I threw a temper tantrum at her. Not for one specific reason but for being home schooled and stuck at home for a week straight and sick and harassed for the WORLD's dumbest thing by my home-school teacher and then find out she is grounded and had to cancel our plan's to hang out (my first time seeing someone from the outside world who could tell me what color the sky is and things like that) without telling me she was grounded. I had to ask HER if the plans were still on. All that pent up anger led to a topic I didn't even talk to my psychiatrist about cause I was so fumed out about the stupid boy drama. But she's getting me into some teen groups so I can socialize with some actual kids my age face to face. I forgot what that was like.

But altogether I've been pretty good I've been watching my shows with my new time (which I have a million of thanks to Sci-Fy, ABC, FOX, and especially ABC family) and catching up on my simming. What can I say I love playing God.