Sunday, July 17, 2011

Objection overruled!

How fair is judgement? In my life I have had an unjust amount of times where I have not been chosen for something because of the chair placed on my ass. Sure I can't quite move the same way everyone else does or lift my hands in the air but why can't I find a way AROUND the problems that face me. I hate it. Someone close to me was denied being on a dance team because she has clear braces. What does that have to do with the way she dances? Absolutely nothing. I know that life isn't fair but when I heard this it really hit close to home. Dance is this person's life. She is brave and lives for her ability to move her body in a creative manor. And she is denied joining the team because she has practically clear braces. Life really isn't fair. She won't let me send hate mail to the team. I would do it in a heartbeat though because when life hands you lemons you squirt them in life's eyes. Screw you dance team!