Saturday, March 27, 2010

Depress shine?

I can say that less than a week ago I was truly completely happy. Now as the weekend hits I feel like crap, physically and mentally. Why? That is what I want to know. Maybe it is because I am fearing being stood up to hang out by my best friend. Or maybe it is because life in the romance section hasn't changed since... the day I was born. Or maybe it is because I am just plain ole' bored. Or maybe just maybe I have to much on my plate. Or maybe I am too anxious for the summer. I don't know but it is all driving me crazy. My head constantly hurts, I feel feverish and nauseated , and I want to cry. Why? I don't know. I am just sick of it. I don't even have the option of suicide. And I haven't been to my psychiatrist in so many weeks I lost count! HELP! Please, I just need someone to tell me everything is going to be okay! That and a boyfriend would be nice too!