Friday, September 18, 2009

Confidence... Or the Lack There of.

I need to learn some things. Like how to not be shy. I have been killing myself with the fact that I feel like no one likes me. I just need to be more confident. Maybe, the reason I lack confidence is because people around me lack confidence. I know thats why I put myself in the position that you have no life if you have no boyfriend at age 15. I mean look at some of my best friends. The ones who accept me the most and you will find beautiful people. They probably don't think they lack self confidence but they do. They feel like a boy/man completes them and that example is all I have had to live on. Well I am going to punish myself until I learn that I should be an excample for them. Guys do NOT complete you. You are stronger than any boy will make you. Understand that confidence isn't in having someone to fall back on but being willing to pick yourself up when the rest of the world looks down on you. From this moment on I will give my all to be a confident person. In the great words of the White Tie Affair I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Today I realised something, I don't need a boyfriend or a bunch of "friends" to feel better about myself. All I need is the knowledge of how to pick myself up when everything else is down. All I need is confidence.

I want people to know I love them and if you think this is about you it is not. It is about most of my friends in general. All of my friends are beautiful and I think they are better than having the need to have a boyfriend. I love you all :-)

BTW who thinks I should be the president's speech writer, lol.