Sunday, January 1, 2012

The new, the old, and the other.

11:16 PM 12/31/11

This year has been long. It stresses me and weakens me then sews me together.
In the past year I have:
- Had three caregivers quit. Only two actually did.
- Met Draco the most troublesome nephew I'll ever have.
- Witnessed the birth of 7 miraculous puppies by their miraculous mama.
- Kept my relationship, kiss, and virginity status [the last one isn't so bad.]
- Had the one year anniversary of my uncle's death and a massive betrayal.
- Lost my first dog.
- Been crushed and bitterly retaliated.
- Found someone way more worth my time.
- Went to PACE and then back to PHS.
- Cried.
- Dyed my hair multiple times.
- Swam by myself.
- Asked my camp-crush to dance even though he's kinda a douche.
- Fought with my mom a lot.
- Learned to speak bad words.
- Had my first slightly dirty dream (blush)
- Been in the hospital 3 times.
- Turned 17.
- Lived with Brittany for 6 months.
- Treated Brittany as a sister.
- Fought with Katy.
- Realized my dad is a work-a-holic.
- Went to my first wedding, the french quarter, and my family plot in the cemetery for the first time in 10 years.
- Had one of my best friends move away.
- Procrastinated. A lot.
- Had my kitty be bullied.
- Saw a dog with a mohawk.
- Found 4 new shows I love... Switched at Birth, Awkward, Teen Wolf, and American Horror Story.
- Had my first job.
- Lost my first job.
- Held a baby rat.
- Realized Dani doesn't hate me.
- Cried some more.
- Hurt myself.
- Got my first Betsey Johnson item(s).
- Hurt the people I love the most.
- Realized I love everyone who entered my life for making me who I am.

Things for 2012:
-Be nice. No exceptions.
-Cut back on my language.
-Graduate High School.
-Get into TAMUCC.
-Be an extra.
-Go to New York.
-Graduate camp.
-Love the following people unconditionally: Katy Ide, Stephanie Darbe, Brittany Bonsack, Michele Wells, Megan Maldonado, Rose Sheppard, Merritt Lange, Maggie Shaghnessy, Natalie LaFlare, Steve Garrott, Michele Daste Walters-Garrott, Rob Walters, Ryan Walters, Mike Walters, All other relatives.
-Care about myself.
-Pass Pre-Cal and Science... and English. Oh! and Government. And Art... That's it.
-Be more independent.
-Do what I want in a nice way.

Peace Out and Happy New Year! Here is to Bitch-free Kristin ;-)

12:01 AM 1/1/12

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