Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Venn Diagram

You know those graphs where there are circles and they merge together in the middle? Venn Diagrams. Well people are like those circles. Walking around with information in a round shape. When they merge with another circle they make friends and the middle of the Venn Diagram is everything they have in common. But almost everyone is clueless of who should really be in their Diagram. For example: My amazing friend Natalie is someone I never thought I had anything in common with. She just went to the same camp as me. But when we changed camps and she was the only person I knew in the cabin, things changed. We were both going to be seniors, we were both born in July, we both were extremely awkward about boys, neither of us had kissed anyone, we had the same disease, we were both learning French, e.t.c. But we both also had things that weren't in the middle. I was sarcastic, didn't talk much, and had twin brothers who I lived with my whole life. She had dated a few guys, was a year older, adopted from Russia, and had a really strict mom. But my first impression of Natalie wasn't that pleasant. At first it was a girl who was my age so, "maybe we can be friends"? Then "what a snob and a drama queen." Now it is "I love this chicka." Same thing applies with Mr. Crush (my new name for my crush slightly stolen from Sex and the City's "Mr. Big" not that they're anything alike). Subsequently I told him to read my blog due to my posts on stereotyping. I'm an idiot. But my first thought on him is "Wow he is hot." But my attention was scattered that day. Then it was "Poor guy" from N's ridiculous flirting. Then I forgot about him. A month and a half later she gave him my number and vice versa. We've been talking since. Now the middle area consists of both having touble finding people to date, I love baseball and he manages his schools baseball team, and best of all we enjoy each other's convos. On the outside I'm a girly girl and a very direct person. I'll tell you what I think about you. He is super shy. He also loves football which I find a waste of three hours. So there are some major differences. But the point is the world of relationships is just a world of Venn Diagrams. Simple. End of equation.

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