Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rainy Days... just add water... please!

So Austin is pretty much in a drought right now. Even cloudy days like today bring in less water then Mr. T watching sappy love stories. From the moment I woke up it was one of "those" days. My nicely picked out outfit started off my seemingly endless tragic day. As I squeezed my skinnies on I prayed they would miraculously loosen. Somehow my prayer went unanswered. My shirt too was too tight and not even in the sexy way just in the you can't breathe way. When I took my morning meds I dropped the only one that could possibly kill my dogs and didn't find it until much much later. This was all before I got out of bed. Lacking in energy I didn't even bother brushing my teeth (gross I know). My day went okay until I took a science pre-test reminding me of exactly how much I hate science. Then at lunch my care-taker brought me a chicken sandwich and as I sat waiting for my friends it dawned on me they weren't coming. Then I preceded in pouring honey-mustard on myself and getting diet coke instead of the regular I had asked for. My neck was aching and my aide at school had chided me for being late to class. A class that has a total of 4 students. We were supposed to work in groups *sigh*. I left early due to my psychiatrist appointment who I preceded to yell at. And burst into tears. My mom and my live-in caretaker/big sister got in a slight trifle due to her use of the 45,000 mile van that has to be under 50,000 in order for me to drive it. This is what my big sister likes to do chores in when she could use our car. Things went okay for a little while while I watched the outrageously cute movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. Then I got pissed at my friend for doing what I like to call playing favorites although she was probably just playing. And finally exit with me being a bitch to my other caregiver. So after holding my breath all day, getting ditched, and growing slowly closer to not being able to drive my day is ALMOST over. Now I'm sticky, sad, and stuck-up. Writing helps but it also makes me think I have shitty friends, an angry family, and a guy I have fallen over who is sweet, cute, AND smart... and just wants to be friends... again... FML.

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