Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh! Well imagine...

Poor groom's bride is a whore.

I chime in with haven't you people ever heard of closing the g*****n door!

There is this person... lets call her Q. Q is an unstoppable tart. I use this word because there are a lot of people who don't know the meaning. She doesn't sleep with all the guys but I don't think she knows the meaning of the word single. Single is the only word I know. Boys are not important to me. Do not get me wrong I do want a boyfriend but I just don't have the energy or social hierarchy to have a suitor. But if Mr. Perfect did come around wishing to sweep me off my feet I certainly wouldn't turn him away. But as for this Q, she is ridiculous. Being a close friend of mine I find it surprising that I have never even heard of many of her boy toys. I want her to be happy but she goes around dating guys that she knows will take scissors to her already healing heart. I guess she will just keep getting herself into this situation despite my approval. Even though she doesn't listen to me... I hope she doesn't keep it up.

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